Monday, February 20, 2012

DIY Hockey Stick Headboard

This is a great project for hockey fans who hate to see things go to waste.

- broken hockey sticks (I used 8 blades and 4 pieces of shaft)
- tools (saw, drill, sander)
- tape measure
- screws
- hockey tape, hockey stickers (optional)

1. Measure your space, collect the sticks, and draw up a plan of what you want the headboard to look like. An equal number of left and right blades is required to make both sides match. Keep in mind where the tips of the blades on the outside edges will be.

I used 4 left and 4 right blades in varied lengths spaced 2" - 3" apart and 4 shafts (2 at my maximum length, 2 shorter) spaced 1.5" apart. I also lined up one of my blades so that its shaft would be on a stud in the wall where I wanted to put my headboard.

2. Remove all tape/stickers/residue from the sticks and wash them. If you like the look of the tape on them, add clean tape after removing the old tape and washing the sticks - the old tape will be covered in dirt, sweat, bugs, and all sorts of other things you don't want in the bedroom. Be careful with the broken ends, as they can be sharp and could give you slivers.

3. Lay the sticks out according to your plan. I put the shafts in front of the blades. Mark where you need to cut off ends and drill holes in order to screw the shafts to the blades.

4. Trim the ends and sand them to prevent sharp edges and slivers. Drill holes in the pieces that are going on top/in front (in my case, the shafts). Lay them on top of the other pieces (blades) and mark where they need to be drilled. Drill them. Also drill holes for screwing the completed headboard to the wall.

5. Screw the pieces together. I used 1.25" screws.

6. OPTIONAL: Decorate the sticks with hockey tape and stickers. I also used tattoos, which provided a really neat effect. Wrap the ends of the sticks with hockey tape as added protection against sharp edges and slivers. You can also add more stickers later.

7. Attach your headboard to the wall. DONE!

Thanks to my Dad for all his help with this project and to Doug and Scott for the sticks.

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