Saturday, September 9, 2017

Quick and Easy Fidget Toy DIY

Fidget toys are very popular right now. They come in a huge variety of styles and colors geared to all ages. The purpose is to give the user something to play with to help them to focus their thoughts and calm their mind.

I have saved a pile of caps from the squeezable baby/toddler fruit/vegetable puree pouches with the intention of using them for craft projects. They come in several styles and various bright colors. When I saw some people making fidget toys with plastic bottle caps, these caps immediately came to mind.

I intend to experiment more with these caps to perhaps come up with a fidget spinner toy design, but here's what I have so far: a quick and easy project that my toddler loves and older kids can help make themselves.

- plastic caps from puree pouches (or other plastic caps that have holes, or drill some holes in some plastic caps)
- binder rings or key rings
- exacto knife

1. Wash and dry the plastic caps.

2. CAREFULLY use the exacto knife to trim away the bits of plastic that are sticking up along the edge.


3. Link the caps together with binder/key rings. I tried a few simple patterns but I plan to try adding more rings.

4. Play around with color combinations and different styles of caps.

DONE! Go play. I'll post more fidget toys as I come up with them. I'd love to hear your suggestions and see your creations.

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