Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cupcakes That Look Like Hamburgers

What You Need

  • 24 white cupcakes
  • 24 chocolate cupcakes
  • icing (red - round icing tip, yellow - round icing tip, orange - flat icing tip)
  • coconut, tinted green with food coloring (or you can use green icing and a ruffle icing tip)
  • sesame seeds (optional)

1. Carefully peel back the papers on your cupcakes and cut them all in half horizontally, so there is a top and a bottom. Set the tops of the whites aside (don't stack them too much) and the bottoms of the chocolates, which will not be used in this project.

2. Set the bottoms of the whites out so you can access them all. Draw a square of orange icing on each one, allowing the corners to stick out over the edge of the cupcake. You can fill in the square if you want to.

3. Next add the green coconut or icing.

4. Then carefully lay on the tops of the chocolate cupcakes.

5. Squiggle on some yellow icing.

6. Then squiggle on some red icing. You can add some in the center if you like.

7. Add the tops of the white cupcakes. Sprinkle the tops with sesame seeds if desired. Use long toothpicks or skewers poked through the cupcakes if they are leaning too much. DONE. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

"The Big Bang Theory" 2nd birthday: COMiCS 2 COSMOS

Our whole household loves "The Big Bang Theory" TV show, so it seemed a natural fit for a theme for our little guy's second birthday. This theme easily translates to any age group - just change up the activities/games and treat bag contents (if you decide to do treat bags). You can find examples online of parties for everyone from kids to adults.

For decorating, I went with stuff that Sheldon and Leonard would have in their apartment, including:

  • their apartment flag (gold lion on a blue field)
  • a telescope
  • science magazines
  • periodic table of elements shower curtain (which I made using a large printed periodic table that I stuck onto a cheap, white shower curtain liner using packing tape)
  • a poster board version of their blue apartment door, number 4A
  • a poster board "friendship algorithm" white board
  • a Rubik's cube tissue box holder, which I made from colored cardstock paper
  • a Batman cookie jar, which I modeled from cardboard over a food-safe tin, then painted
  • vintage posters
  • a dart board on the back of the front door
  • tonnes of comic book and sci fi movie props and toys, like lightsabers, figurines, and masks
  • printed large photos of the characters, mounted on foam core board
  • bright, primary colors for plates, utensils, and napkins (with printed lightsaber napkin rings)


  • BBQ bacon cheese burgers, with BBQ, bacon, and cheese on the side
  • french fries
  • mini hamburger cupcakes (I will post a tutorial soon)
  • Froot Loops bars (Rice Krispie squares recipe, with Froot Loops substituted, since Howard's astronaut nickname is "Froot Loops")
  • "nightlight" goldfish crackers
  • Gobstopper candy "ball pit"
  • make your own sundae bar
  • cheesecake, decorated like the end of the opening credits (I cheated and used black marker on the cling wrap to do the lettering)
  • bottled water with custom labels
  • Sheldon's long island iced tea - for defending your woman
  • Raj's root beer - for smooth talking the ladies
  • Howard's cola - it will take you to the moon
  • Penny's grape crush - cure for what ails you
  • Leonard's orange crush - for crushin' on Penny
  • Marvel heroes candies, Smarties

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Camo Birthday Party

For my husband's recent birthday, I went with a camo theme, decorating with some store-bought camo party supplies, a roll of camo wrapping paper, and a few military themed items from his collection. I didn't want to focus too much on either armed forces or hunting, as my husband loves them both, so I stuck mostly to just camo, brown, green, and a shot of orange.

A few highlights:
- camo cupcakes
- camo ice cream
- camo party accessories including plates, napkins, and table cloth
- camo wrapping paper wrapped around bottles of water and ginger ale
- pretzel sticks and mint gummy candy leaves displayed in jars
- orange snacks like cheddar cheese, cheesies, and cheese nachos


For the cupcakes, I mixed up a white cake mix and a chocolate cake mix, then divided the batter into four bowls:
1. plain chocolate = dark brown
2. plain white with green food coloring added = green
3. mostly chocolate with some white = light brown
4. mostly white with some chocolate = beige

I then dropped the different colors into the cupcake papers randomly in different sized and shaped drops.

After they were baked, I made up brown (chocolate) icing and green icing and put both into an icing bag to decorate them.


First, I tinted some slightly melted vanilla ice cream with green food coloring.

Then I randomly dropped the green and chocolate ice creams into my container.

Once I was done, I put it back in the freezer to harden.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

RIP Kristians Pelss

Sad news today as the Edmonton Oilers have confirmed that 20 year old prospect and former Edmonton Oil King Kristians Pelss died tragically this week while home in Latvia.

I would like to send my deepest condolences to Kristians' family, friends, and teammates with the Oklahoma City Barons and Stockton Thunder. My thoughts and prayers are with you.