Monday, October 2, 2017

DIY Costume: Carmen Sandiego

I may be dating myself, but I used to love watching "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" on TV when I was a kid. Carmen was such a great character: the world's greatest detective who got bored with solving crimes and decided to become the world's greatest thief. Carmen and her henchmen would steal monuments, rare treasures, and other historical items from around the world, leaving clues behind to taunt the detectives chasing them.

Carmen resurfaced in several other TV shows, video games and books, changing her appearance slightly each time, but sticking to a few trademark items:
1. Red, wide-brimmed hat
2. Red jacket
3. Yellow scarf

I love dressing up for Halloween, whether I'm taking my kids trick'o'treating, handing out candy, or attending a party or event. Since I've always been a fan of Carmen Sandiego, and my hair is currently long like hers, I decided that this year I would dress as the famous thief. A trip to the second-hand store and a little online shopping gave me everything I needed for my costume.

1. Red, wide-brimmed hat
I ordered mine online for under $10. I found some at local thrift stores that I could have used if I had been pressed for time, but they weren't perfect. I considered using red spray paint to re-paint one that I found, but decided against it.

2. Red jacket
I found mine at a second-hand store for a few dollars. There are also many different styles available online.

3. Yellow scarf
I ordered mine online for about a dollar. I did see one at a second-hand store and several at dollar stores, but only after I had ordered online.

4. Accessories
Carmen sometimes carries a briefcase, but I decided on this great world map purse that I found online.

Carmen often steals famous monuments, so I added some key chains from around the world.

I couldn't resist this globe necklace. Isn't it the perfect accessory for a woman who literally wants the world?

I'm looking forward to wearing my costume and I hope you get creative and come up with your own Carmen Sandiego costume.

"Trick or treat detectives. This time, the trick is on you."

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