Friday, December 29, 2017

Cardboard Toy Box

I hope the holiday season has been good to you and your family. As you're cleaning up and getting back into your normal routine, here's a project that will help the whole family keep things organized in the new year: a toy box.

The first thing that you'll need is a large cardboard box. I saved one from a fax machine, but any large box that you have from Christmas, the office, or the grocery store will work great.

You can decorate the box to match your decor or the kids' favorite characters. You can also use this technique on boxes for other storage solutions.

- large, sturdy cardboard box
- contact paper, wrapping paper, fabric, or other similar material that is large enough to cover the sides of your box
- exacto knife, scissors
- decorative duct tape (optional)
- large letter stickers or stencil (optional)
- white glue or glue gun

1. Remove any excess tape and labels from your box. Cut the top flaps off the box.

2. If your box has pre-cut hand-holds, decide whether you want to trim away the flap (like I did), cover the flap with your paper/fabric, or solidify the flap with tape and cover it. You can also cut hand-holds into the sides if you want them.

3. Tape over any damaged areas of the sides of the box.

4. Glue and/or tape down the flaps inside the bottom of the box.

5. Wrap your contact paper, wrapping paper or fabric around the sides of your box, leaving an inch or two overlap at the top to wrap over the top edge and secure inside. This leaves a nice, finished top edge. You can also stick a strip of duct tape along the top edge or inside the box to secure your paper/fabric if it isn't staying stuck properly.

6. Trim out your hand-holds, if applicable.

7. At this point, your box can be "done", or you can add more to it.

8. I used letter stickers to add the word "TOYS" to one side.

9. I also put a strip of decorative duct tape around the bottom edge.

DONE! Now for the hardest part: getting the kids to use it.

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