Friday, March 2, 2018

Unicorn Pinata

My niece is having a unicorn themed birthday party and she asked me to make a unicorn pinata for her. I was happy to oblige.

The main difference between a unicorn and a horse is the horn, although traditional unicorns were daintier and more goat-like than most modern portrayals. When drawing the initial sketch for the sides of the unicorn, I did try to make it a little slimmer than I would have for a horse or donkey pinata.

I was originally planning to do mostly white tissue paper, but I decided that I would have to paint the cardboard with white acrylic paint first in order to not have the brown show through, so I went with a rainbow pattern instead. You can use whatever colors you prefer.

- pieces of cardboard
- gold wrapping paper, tissue paper, tape, or similar
- tissue paper (any colors)
- scissors, exacto knife
- pencil, ruler
- glue gun, glue sticks
- white glue
- string or ribbon

1. Draw an outline of a horse onto cardboard.

2. Cut out the horse shape.

Trace the shape onto a second piece of cardboard and cut out a second horse shape.

3. Cut some strips of cardboard about 2.5" wide.

Glue the strips around the edges of one of the horse shapes, except for the ear area.

4. Fill the pinata with goodies (candy, hair accessories, erasers, toys, etc.).

5. Glue the second horse shape onto the top, sealing the goodies inside.

6. (You can do this step now or once the pinata is covered with tissue paper.) 

Find where the hanging string should go so the pinata hangs fairly level by holding it with your thumb and one finger along the back and lifting it slightly. Punch holes into the cardboard and thread a long string or ribbon through the holes. Tie knots in the string at the end and near the pinata's back.

7. Cut tissue paper strips approximately 2" wide and clip along them approximately 1" deep every 1" or so.

Glue the strips to the pinata, starting at the bottom and working your way up all the way around.

8. Wrap tissue paper around the ears.

9. Cut a long, slim triangle of cardboard. Mine was about 2" wide a the bottom and about 4" long.

10. Roll the triangle into a cone shape and glue it. Cover the cone with gold paper or tape. This is the unicorn horn.

11. Glue the bottom of the horn onto the head of the pinata.

12. Add longer strips of tissue paper to the head and back end of the pinata for a mane and tail, if desired. I liked how it looked without doing this.


Enjoy watching the kids have a blast destroying all your hard work. ;)

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