Sunday, August 6, 2017

Painted Mason Jars

Mason jars are such versatile items for both functional and decorative purposes. Jars of all sizes and shapes are very popular in decor right now, but you don't have to break the bank to add some awesome jars to your home.

Dollar stores, garage sales, and thrift stores are all great sources of cheap jars. Check them thoroughly for chips and cracks before you buy them. You can also save jars from food that you enjoy, like pasta sauce, salsa, jam, and other sauces and spreads.

Once you have your jars, decide on the colors you'd like them to be. Be bold in gold or timeless in white. Paint a set in Halloween or Christmas or Easter colors. These jars are done in a single color, but you could layer more than one on your jars. Get creative and have fun.

- glass jars (mason or any style you like)
- sand paper
- acrylic paint
- sponge
- optional: ribbon, twine, tag, fake flowers, glitter, or anything else you wish to add to your jars
- optional (for lids): chalkboard paint, drill and drill bit

1. Thoroughly wash and dry the jars. Completely remove any labels, stickers, and sticky residue.

2. Use sandpaper to sand off any existing paint. These jars had been stamped with the details of an event, but the sandpaper easily removed it.

3. Using a small piece of sponge, dab the paint onto the jar. Don't try to cover it too evenly or too thick. Turn the sponge frequently so that the paint coverage is nice and random.

4. Apply additional coats, if necessary, to achieve the color you're looking for. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly.

5. Use sandpaper to carefully sand the paint off the raised areas of the jars, if desired. This lets some light through and makes the design stand out. Add any embellishments that you desire, such as ribbon or twine. DONE.

OPTIONAL: Drill a hole in the center of the top of the lid that is large enough for a straw. Paint the lid with chalkboard paint so that you or your guests can write on the top of drinks.

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