Monday, August 14, 2017

Up-Cycled Snack Containers to Custom Canisters

Some of my toddler's favorite snacks come in these little cardboard cans with plastic lids. They're fairly sturdy, so I decided to reuse some as food storage canisters. I had some "Star Wars" wrapping paper that I have been saving for a fun project and this seemed perfect.

You can use whatever kind of paper you like, as long as you have enough of it to cover the cans and glue that will hold it in place. You can also use fabric instead of paper, or duct tape, or contact paper. Whatever you choose, this is a super easy project.

- empty food cans with lids
- wrapping paper or similar
- glue
- labels (optional)

1. Thoroughly wash and dry the cans and lids. Don't soak the cardboard as it will deteriorate. I let the cans air dry for a day or more to make sure they're completely dry.

2. Lay the can on the paper and wrap the paper around it to determine how long of a strip you require. Leave enough extra for the ends to overlap. It's better to have a big overlap than a gap.

Measure the height of the can with a ruler or by placing it in the paper. You want the strip to fit between the top and bottom raised edges. Cut out the strip.

3. Wrap the strip around the can to make sure it's the correct size. Trim if necessary. Glue in place. I used an ordinary glue stick. The top edge of my cans was rolled up a bit most of the way around and I rolled it up in the places that it wasn't, because that made it easier to get the strip of paper positioned properly.

4. That's basically it! Didn't I tell you that it was easy?

OPTIONAL: Add labels to the sides and/or lids, if you want to. I printed labels off my computer using a font that looks like the "Star Wars" logo.

OPTIONAL: To make the canisters more durable, you can also cover the paper with clear contact paper or packing tape. I suggest applying the label before you do this, if you want a label, since it might not stick as well to the contact paper or tape.

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