Monday, March 26, 2012

DIY Packing Tape Transfers/Stickers

My mom reminded me about this technique on the weekend. I had seen this fun project on How About Orange and had been meaning to try it, so Mom and I did some experimenting...

- pictures from magazines or printed with a laser printer (photographs and inkjet images don't work)
- clear packing tape (clear mactac also works, but not quite as well)
- a dish of warm water
- stuff to stick your images on (vases, candle holders, greeting cards, picture frames, basically anything)

1. Cut out the image (or tear around it for a different effect). Keep in mind that anything that is white will become clear.

2. Cover the image with packing tape. If it is bigger than a single piece of tape, overlap the tape a bit. Rub the tape down firmly (use your fingernail).

3. Soak the entire thing in water for a few minutes. Carefully rub the back side, rubbing away the paper. The ink will stay on the tape.

4. The tape will still be a bit sticky, but you can use mod podge or a similar glue to help it stick. DONE!

This is really fun and the possibilities are endless. I did a bunch of NHL team logos to decorate my son's hockey stick headboard. I'm going to try writing on paper with markers and see if that works too - I'll keep you posted.

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