Saturday, March 17, 2012

DIY Referee Bib

My cousin is a hockey referee so I thought it would be fun to make bibs for his kids that look like referee uniforms.

- white fabric (I used a t-shirt)
- black fabric (I used denim)
- thread, sewing machine, notions, etc.
- acrylic craft paint (black, orange), brush
- masking tape
- bias tape, ribbon, or cord

1. Cut out a bib shape from both the white and black fabric. I traced around another bib.

2. Apply strips of tape to the areas of the bib that you want to stay white, including the areas that will be orange. Make sure that the tape is stuck down well from edge to edge.

3. Paint the exposed areas black and let the paint dry. Remove the tape.

4. Outline the area that will be orange with black paint. Let it dry.

5. Paint the orange area. Let it dry.

6. Lay the painted/white piece on top of the black piece, wrong sides together, and tuck 2 pieces of bias tape/ribbon/cord in between the layers on either side of the neck opening.

7. Sew all the way around the edges of the bib. Clip the edge fabric approximately every inch to create a "rag-time" look. DONE!

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