Friday, February 17, 2012

DIY Paint Your Own Hockey Player Figurine

A while back I found a set of hockey player figurines on sale and I couldn't resist them, even though I wasn't a fan of all the players included. Once I had them home, I used acrylic craft paint and a few other supplies to transform them into my favorite players.

- hockey player figurine
- reference photos of your favorite player
- acrylic craft paint in the colors shown in your photos
- paintbrushes
- matte or satin clear spray paint
- a sticker (or computer printout and glue) of the team logo, sized to fit on the figurine's chest
- silver metallic marker (optional)
- clear nail polish (optional)

1. You can get as fancy and detailed as you like, just take your time and keep referencing your photos. Start by painting everything the main/background colors, doing more than one coat if necessary to make sure it covers, then add the details like stripes, numbers, and the name. I used a silver marker for the skate blades.

2. Once you're happy with everything, stick the logo onto the front of the jersey. You can also print out the shoulder logos and helmet logos if you want to add those. You could even print off the numbers and name and stick them on instead of painting them.

3. Apply a few coats of clear spray paint to seal all the paint.

4. Use clear nail polish to make the skate blades and visor glossy, and to add "tape" lines on the player's socks. DONE!

The possibilities are endless once you get going; you could do your favorite junior player, your local hero, or even your child! All it takes is a few photos and a lot of patience. Good luck!

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