Thursday, February 9, 2012

How to Display a Hockey Stick

A few years ago I purchased a game-used, autographed hockey stick and was immediately confronted with the problem of how to display it without damaging it. A quick search online provided several difficult or expensive options that simply weren't for me. After much pondering I finally turned to my favorite method of sticking things on walls: 3M Command products.

I purchased two 3M Command cord bundlers, which are the PERFECT size to hold a hockey stick, and wrapped them in hockey stick tape that corresponded with the color of tape already on the stick. This both camoflauged the cord bundler and added grip, which allowed me to hang the stick at an angle without fear of it slipping. I looped the cord bundlers around the stick, peeled off the sticky backs, and pressed the whole thing onto the wall. After holding it in place for 30 seconds, I opened the cord bundlers and removed the stick for 1 hour so the adhesive could stick to the wall firmly. Once they were firmly stuck, I looped them back around the stick and closed them - DONE! No damage to the stick or walls.

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