Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's Day Gift Idea: eBook

Want to give someone a unique gift this Valentine's Day? How about a new eBook for their iPad or iPhone? It's a great way to say "I love you" without adding to their clutter or their waistlines and to show them that you're interested in what they're reading. eBooks come in a variety of price ranges and you don't have to leave home to get them - just download them straight from your computer. It's a perfect "last minute" gift or something you can shop for with your loved one while cuddled up together by the computer sharing hot chocolate in the candlelight.

Here's my favorite eBook (okay, so I wrote it, but it's still my favorite ☺) available from Blurb: The Phantom of Lone Pine Lake.

Don't forget that if you want to get a paper book  for that special someone you can make your own custom gift bag out of magazine pages by following my tutorial here: DIY Gift Bag from Magazine Pages.

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