Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I ♥ 3M Command Strips!

(If that little heart didn't show up for you, sorry.)

I use 3M's Command strips and hooks for all sorts of things around my house. They come in such a wide variety and they don't damage your walls. I use the little clear hooks and the decorating clips for hanging my jewelry (rings, necklaces, bracelets), wall-hangings, and other decorations, and I use the picture hanging strips (they are like Velcro) for hanging frames, bulletin boards, and some of the cardboard shelves I have created. The hooks are great for in the baby's room since I'll be able to move/remove them as required while the strips are great in the kitchen to attach things to the tiles. I also use the big hooks for hanging oven mitts, purses, bags, and the magazine rack in my bathroom, and a medium hook to hang my bottle brush by my kitchen sink. I even used the cord bundlers to hang my autographed hockey sticks in our sports bar - they won't damage the sticks and I wrapped them in hockey tape so they are practically invisible.

Now I just need them to invent a hook strong enough to hold up the Jolly Jumper...

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