Thursday, February 23, 2012

DIY Make Your Floor Vent "Disappear"

I have this wonderful river rock flooring in my bathroom, but I couldn't stand the boring white floor vent cover, so I made it "disappear". Here's how I did it:

- camera
- printer and paper
- Mod Podge or white glue thinned with a little water
- spray paint that matches the main color in the flooring (optional)
- clear spray sealant
- exacto knife

1. Take a photo of the flooring where it repeats the same area as the spot where your vent cover is.

2. Print the photo on regular printer paper (mine took two sheets that I had to piece together) at the size you'll need to cover your vent cover plus wrap a bit around the edges. If you want to cover the "flap" below the grates, print a second copy.

3. If you want, spray paint the vent cover in a color that matches the flooring. This will ensure that all the edges are colored.

4. Put the vent cover in the vent and lay the printed photo on top so you can line it up with the pattern of the flooring. Stick the paper on with a small dot of glue or Mod Podge. Remove the vent cover and set it on some newspaper on your work surface (table, etc.).

5. Continue covering the front of the vent cover with Mod Podge and sticking down the photo. Wrap it around the edges and glue it to the underside.

6. Use the exacto knife to pierce the paper along the edges of the grates and Mod Podge these flaps of paper down to the grates. Flip the vent cover over to make it easier to see where you're applying the glue.

7. Trim the second photo to the right size and glue it to the "flap" below the grates.

8. Cover all of the paper with more Mod Podge. Spray it several times with clear sealant. DONE!

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